We are RedLegion and we are a gaming clan. We are just starting out and can use some members. We are currently focused on the game CS:GO if you play join us!
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 p0etic -asianpryde- Application

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p0etic -asianpryde-

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PostSubject: p0etic -asianpryde- Application   Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:52 pm

1]Do You Play CS:GO?
2] In Game Information: (Rank/level)
I am a Gold Nova 1
3] What is your ingame name?
4] Steam is Required for Membership

4a] Provide a link to your Steam Profile:
4b] Have you joined the RedLegion steam group?
5] Do you play any other games?
Overwatch, Payday 2
6] What is your main language? If not English, can you speak English?
7] Who invited you to join RedLegion, Where did you learn about us?
I saw this team on Gamurs, and was interested in joining
8] Do you know anyone in RedLegion, if so who and how long have you known them?

9] Why do you wish to join RedLegion above other clans? (at least 2-3 lines of text required)

Red Legion seemed to be a pretty professional team, considering the fact they took the time to make a team site, and team advertisements on Gamurs. I was well interested in joining Red Legions to be able to join a team that can help me on my way in, and out of the best in MM, although I am willing to play more than just that.One thing that might be a deal breaker, for our kind staff here, however is the fact that this won't be my only team, as I am also the founder of CausticCSGO, however we are not doing so well.
10] Tell us about yourself.
I am a 14 year old stratcaller, albeit I can play more than just that. I speak English, and not to toot my own horn, but can probably speak it more fluently than others. I am looking for a team that can take this game at the very least, semi serious, and can play on weekends, and Red Legion seemed like just the team. Thank you, and you may refer to me as Justin.
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p0etic -asianpryde- Application
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