We are RedLegion and we are a gaming clan. We are just starting out and can use some members. We are currently focused on the game CS:GO if you play join us!
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 Rem's App. (Ruby Rose)

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PostSubject: Rem's App. (Ruby Rose)   Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:06 pm

1]Do You Play CS:GO?
~ Yeah, I play CS:GO. I'm decent, but don't think I am good.

2] In Game Information: (Rank/level)
~ I am currently Silver 1 again after a hacker de-ranked me from Silver 2.

3] What is your ingame name?
~ Ruby Rose, steam - razormc3

4] Steam is Required for Membership
4a] Provide a link to your Steam Profile:
~ http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198157234703/

4b] Have you joined the RedLegion steam group?
~ Not at the time of making this post, no.

5] Do you play any other games?
~ I do play Warframe a lot more than I do CS:GO, and a small bit of Minecraft when I just get really bored. And while its not considered a game, I use FL Studio and Vocaloid4FE

6] What is your main language? If not English, can you speak English?
~ My main languages are Spanish, English and some Japanese (Cheesy Phrases).

7] Who invited you to join RedLegion, Where did you learn about us?
~ A young man by the name of Cooper.

8] Do you know anyone in RedLegion, if so who and how long have you known them?
~ As of right now, I only know Cooper and that was for about 2 maybe 3 days. Met him in a competitive match.

9] Why do you wish to join RedLegion above other clans? (at least 2-3 lines of text required)
~ Well, I am in a Warframe clan, but not a CS:GO clan so why the heck not? I never been in one for CS:GO and all other clans that I currently know of have requirements that are way too high for me.

10] Tell us about yourself. age?/mic?/experience?
~ I am 13 years old, though my birthday is coming up in December 4th, I do have a microphone and I use Skype, Discord, and Steam. Don't be fooled and think I sound like a 32 year old when I'm not. I am also, for anyone curious, a private animator, music producer, drawer, and mathematician.(love math) I try to be on all the time, but life happens and I have to worry about school first. For those curious I am in Middle School, 8th grade. I also own a YouTube channel, if you wanna come check out my content (1 video, old intro) then come ask me on skype.
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Rem's App. (Ruby Rose)
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