We are RedLegion and we are a gaming clan. We are just starting out and can use some members. We are currently focused on the game CS:GO if you play join us!
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 Hooligan Games Application

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PostSubject: Hooligan Games Application   Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:51 am

MUST answer questions below, simply copy and paste in a new topic in this category and answer all questions fully and truthfully.

1]Do You Play CS:GO?

2] In Game Information: (Rank/level)
On my Main MG1 (Locked as of now) currently Unranked/ Level 3

3] What is your ingame name?
Hooligan Games

4] Steam is Required for Membership
4a] Provide a link to your Steam Profile: steamcommunity.com/id/F0CKME
4b] Have you joined the RedLegion steam group? Yes

5] Do you play any other games?
Yes Mostly MOBA's and MMO's but i do play other games (i.e) Skyrim, Call of duty, Forza Horizon, etc

6] What is your main language? If not English, can you speak English? English

7] Who invited you to join RedLegion, Where did you learn about us?
8] Do you know anyone in RedLegion, if so who and how long have you known them?
Cooper, for a good bit now

9] Why do you wish to join RedLegion above other clans? (at least 2-3 lines of text required)
The reason i would enjoy being in RedLegion is because, i have a friend in here that is really cool with me (cooper) and i assume if he's really cool and wants me to join then the rest of you are going to be as cool or even better.
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Hooligan Games Application
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